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Encompass Therapy, LLC was established by Rick Moore, MPT, ATC in 2006. He began his career as a certified athletic trainer – working with athletes of all ages an abilities. As a physical therapist, he worked in various treatment settings including, inpatient, outpatient, nursing home, and home health. His varied experiences allowed Rick to identify the benefit of providing patients with individualized, one on one treatment time. This ultimately promotes the highest quality of care with the best outcomes. In many settings, a therapist can be required to manage 2-4 patients per hour, therefore reducing the amount of hands-on time with each patient. In instances where Rick was able to spend the full hour with one patient, incorporating manual therapy techniques, the results were dramatically different. When a therapist is able to spend quality time with the patient, it allows for a more comprehensive view of multiple components of the patient’s lifestyle, resulting in long lasting positive therapeutic results. Attention to the person as a while is important. Rick incorporates nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress in his treatment plan.

At Encompass Therapy, we utilize various techniques to help alleviate pain and dysfunction. One of the manual therapy techniques used is called Myofascial Release, and was developed by John F. Barnes, PT. Myofascial Release is a comprehensive approach that focuses on the myofascial system. Your body is made of connective tissue, called fascia, which is a three dimensional network of collagen and elastic fibers that run throughout your entire body from head to toe. The fascia surrounds your muscles and muscle fibers, blood vessels, organs, nerves and bones and is a strong, supportive structure. ¬†The fascial system can becomne tight, or restructed over time because of injuries, inflammation processes, surgeries, poor posture, athletic injuries, repetitive stress syndrome and car accidents. The technique of Myofascial Release involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the soft tissue restrictions, in order to help decrease pain, increased ROM, and improve postural alignment. We also spend time teaching our patient’s how to utilize self treatment techniques to enhance the gains made in therapy.

When treating pain and dysfunction, it is important to address the symptoms but to also determine what is the true cause of the issue. The symptoms are often only one piece of the puzzle. Evaluation of the entire body and a person;s experiences is critical in establishing the full picture. The cause of any issue is instrumental in treating and resolving the problem. At Encompass Therapy, we assess posture, ROM, strength, and perform a full soft tissue assessment to determine where fascial restrictions may be present.

The treatment philosophy at Encompass Therapy is to alleviate pain, focus on alignment and posture, strengthen the body, and return you to activities that you enjoy. All too often, people accept pain and dysfunction as an inevitable part of life. They limit their activities based upon pain and become sedentary.

The body, however, is meant to move and it is our goal to help our patient’s to achieve their optimal level.

Our comprehensive treatment program includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education and instruction in home exercises and self treatment programs.

MFR can be effective in treating:

  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Muscle Pain & Spasm
  • Sport Injuries & Preventative Health


  • Dysfunction, Decrease mobility,
  • Post-Surgery, scar tissue,
  • Posture,¬†Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Migraines

Our Medical Staff:

Rick Moore | MPT, ATC

Rick Moore | MPT, ATC

Rick is a Physical Therapist with 21 years of varied healthcare experiences. He began his career as an Athletic Trainer after graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvannia in 1991.

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