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Beyond Treatment

Remember: “pain is simply a signal or message your body is trying to give you.”

By listening to your pain and relaying these messages to your therapist, the road to recovery will seem more within your reach.

Our therapy goes far beyond Myofascial Release. As we work with you, we work to promote independence through a comprehensive approach that allows you to take part in life-long well being. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, excel at your sport, or just develop a healthier lifestyle, our staff work with you to develop a customized plan to reach your goals. We are experts in designing programs to improve your overall fitness, endurance, strength, balance and overall health and wellness. We help you with strategies to rehabilitate and reduce injury, and to enhance performance on and off the field.

Mind/Body Connection

People who lead stressful lives or sustain an illness or injury often describe feeling as though they have less energy, and less of a sense of connection – life just feels out of balance. Focusing on body/mind/spirit works to enhance and balance the natural healing energies found within each of us.

Medical professionals all over the world acknowledge that the physical body is made up of much more than bones, muscles, nerves and organs. There is also a subtle energy that exists, an energy that impacts our ability to live a healthy and satisfying life. Integrating the treatment of the body’s energy has been an important part of treating illness and injury in the healing approaches of Eastern Medicine, dating back thousands of years. At Encompass Therapy we understand and work with that Body-Mind Connection.


When we are young breathing is natural and intuitive. But as we age, or experience trauma or illness, we alter our breathing patterns using chest assessory muscles, decreasing the amount of oxygen that feeds our brain, organs and muscles. Breathing from diaphragm works to restore our natural breathing patterns, and teaches new patterns that can be used for pain management, stress reduction, and to improve overall health and well being.
Breathing techniques from diaphragm are often used to enhance therapy sessions. But they may also be used to help you to meet your overall personal health and wellness goals. During a session, you will learn proper breathing techniques, and learn how to employ breathing strategies that will help you to meet the opportunities and challenges that exist in your life.

Self Treatment / Home Exercise Programs

Based upon the results of your physical therapy evaluation, appropriate and specific home exercises will be prescribed and diagrams provided when applicable. This may involve stretches, strengthening and stability exercises. Education is also a vital component and may include information on improving posture, correcting faulty biomechanics and maximizing ergonomic efficiency of your daily work environment. Educational teaching aids may be used, such as personalized video and digital photography. Below are some samples of how we might teach some of the self treatment strategies for the patient to maximise gains on their own.

Remember, treating yourself is one of the best ways to promote and speed your healing process, whether you use self-unwinding, strengthening exercises, stretching or the techniques below that use some relatively inexpensive manual therapy tools. As with any new exercise or self-treatment technique, use caution until you are completely familiar with the movements involved and understand how the exercise or technique is supposed to feel. It is up to you to protect yourself. Even though these techniques are generally considered quite gentle, it is possible to over-do them and cause further injury. Be careful, and you will be safe!


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